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For the first time in human history, Trive:

Combines Science and Technology with Human Action to Discover Truth

Compensates Integrity – Penalizes Deception

Eliminates Bias and Manipulation

Prevents Monetization of Falsehood

Verifies and Protects Facts and Ideas

Corrects and Maintains the Historical Record

…in an open and decentralized environment owned and driven by users.

Reliable Information –  Informed Decisions – Better Lives – Trive


Crowd sourced information systems like Wikipedia were a great stride in disseminating information. However, the lack of veracity is a fatal flaw in the model. Without incentives for truth and penalty for falsehood the crowd sourced model has a limited value.

Trive’s “wisdom of crowds” gamified model with blockchain-based collusion and manipulation protocols places those incentives firmly in the ecosystem.

Real people doing real work in a competitive environment, that stakes their reputation directly to their work produced, solves the missing veracity component in an information service.

Systems that simply employ crowd sourcing without a veracity mechanism have limited ability to respond to attacks and no way to do so that is not a centralized mechanism.

Even the most professional and honest individuals in centralized systems are subject to human frailty and bias, whether conscious or not.  A transparent and incentivized crowd wisdom mechanism solves this.

Trive is Wikipedia 2.0 +… A veracious fact checker with immutable blockchain indexing. Trive, through its incentivized users and engine, can sort the fact from the fiction of any claim made on the internet and scalable to the World.