The Trive Pre-ICO Sale Starts Today! Get in on the Truth.

The Trive Pre-ICO sale is an exclusive time to purchase Trive Tokens before we begin our official ICO in March. This way you can take advantage of this lower price before the Token price increases to the official ICO price. The Pre-ICO sale will offer Trive Tokens at a price of .10 USD each ( $1000 USD = 10,000 TRV ). The Official ICO in March will offer TRV at .20 USD, so participating now will allow you to acquire more TRV.

Directions: Below we have four cryptocurrency wallet addresses listed for you to send your funds to. For your convenience you can choose between Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum to participate. First, decide the type and amount of coin you would like to participate with, and send your desired amount to the appropriate coin wallet address listed below. Secondly, fill out the transaction confirmation form below completely so that we can confirm your identity with your name, email, transaction ID and more. This allows us to easily track each participant and allocate coins accordingly.

Support: We understand that some users may be new to participating in ICO’s or Pre-Sales, and we want you to be comfortable at each step. If you have any questions or issues during or after starting the ICO participation process, we are available for support by email at [email protected]. Thank you for participating in the Trive Pre-ICO.

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