Press Release: Trive Fights Fake News Using Cryptocurrency and Crowdsourced Research

October 5th, 2017

The first-of-its-kind, Trive is a social science global consensus engine that researches and clarifies truth through Human Swarmed Crowd Wisdom by using blockchain-based rewards and verification mechanisms. Utilizing crowdsourced research, game theory and cryptocurrencies, it enables citizens all over the world to research, verify and score the truth of almost any piece of knowledge.

The groundbreaking company was founded by CEO, David Mondrus, whose experience with fake news digs deep into his past. Born in the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics (USSR), Mondrus understands first-hand the very real dangers of fake news. “The expression was that you must learn to read between the lines before you learn to read,” Mondrus explains. Born to a family of Ukrainians who suffered in the propaganda-fueled environment of the Soviet Union, Mondrus fled his home country to the United States when he was ten years old. Now that fake news has reached and devoured the U.S., Mondrus is on a mission to seek out and destroy fake news with the power of Trive.

While many companies have tried and failed to combat the fake news epidemic, such as Facebook and Google, Trive stands apart from these botched attempts. “Other attempts by well-known companies to combat fake news are disingenuous, at best, considering their political bias,” Mondrus explains. “That is why we are launching Trive. The truth is the truth no matter who speaks it, and the truth must be sacrosanct.”

How Trive works:
Trive utilizes non-cooperative game theory for the research into news story claims. Following its initial inception in early 2017, Trive developers designed a process using “wisdom of crowds” – the collective opinion of a group of individuals rather than that of a single expert – as a tool to quickly analyze news stories and discover truth. These anonymous individuals are incentivized with cryptocurrency compensation, the Trive Token, to maximize the search for the truth within questioned news stories.

Once a story has been scored, a browser plug-in filters stories accordingly, and users can customize their filtering settings. When the users visit supported pages, the plug-in intercepts the URLs and changes the opacity of the posted news stories. The more visible a news story appears, the more likely the content has been confirmed to be accurate and truthful by Trive’s crowd-swarmed fact-checking.

Trive’s plug-in technology is supported by Ethereum, a decentralized platform that runs exactly as programmed – without any possibility of downtime, censorship, fraud or third party interference. Using its wisdom of crowds research, Trive applies only confirmed, accurate information to the originally questioned article (including copies of the primary sources) via its plug-in to the Ethereum platform, ensuring the long-term sanctity of the truth Trive discovers.

Trive is a subscription-based service, costing only $1 per month.

About Trive

Trive™ is a social science consensus engine that researches and clarifies facts through Human Swarmed Crowd Wisdom. We Incentivize people to do primary research into news stories and compensate them with our own cryptocurrency coin, the Trive Token. We then hash/stash the results on the Blockchain. Learn more at