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Buy your Trive Tokens from any non-exchange wallet. Use wallets like My Ether Wallet, Mist, Parity, etc. Send Ether and get Trive coins in return. Please only send Ether!

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Max Purchase: $10,000 – If you wish to purchase more than $10,000 worth of Trive Tokens please contact [email protected].

Why TriveTM?

Trive™ is a Nash Equilibrium Global Consensus engine that researches and clarifies Truth through Human Swarmed crowd wisdom using blockchain based rewards and verification mechanisms. Using crowdsourced research, game theory and cryptocurrencies it will enable people all over the world to research, verify and score the truth of almost any piece of knowledge. We implement this by using game theory, blockchain and cryptocurrency to incent rational behavior. The resulting effort is hashed/stashed to the blockchain via a smart contract to ensure the sanctity of the Truth Hive (Trive™) process.

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Trive plugin blocks misinformation using crowd-sourced research and game theory.

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Simple web plugin allows you to get started easily and quickly.

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Contribute to the Trive process and earn Tokens.

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